Barry was a great driving instructor. Coming from Australia, where we drive on the opposite side of the road and have slightly different road rules, it was great to have someone as experienced as Barry educate me about driving in Canada and correct my bad driving habits.

What I enjoyed most was Barry’s teaching approach. He not only educates you on how to pass the driving exam, but rather his main concern is educating you on how to be a better and safer driver on the road, in all types of situations and in all kinds of conditions .

Never critical and always positively constructive, Barry created a very relaxed and friendly driving/teaching environment where my driving confidence on foreign roads was allowed to develop.

I don’t think I would have done so well on my driving exam had it not been for Barry’s supportive guidance. Thank you Barry!

Andrew Nguyen

Osteopath at Maritime Osteopathy


Jeff was a very positive driving instructor. Having no experience at driving whatsoever and not being able to have any experience outside the lessons made it a bit tough to get practice, but he understood and was very patient throughout the lessons as i grew frustrated or upset at the things i was doing wrong, and gave supporting advice.

When i first started I had no confidence in driving at all and was scared to even turn the car on! But Jeff was there to reassure me the whole way and teach me there is nothing to be afraid of. He was ready to answer any and all questions and throughout the lessons he was describing to me correct and safe maneuvers for every situation and condition that may or may not have occurred, it was quite an educational experience.

Jeff gave me the confidence i thought I would never have to drive safe on the roads and I can never thank him enough for it. Thank you Jeff, you were awesome.

Megan Symonds


As a recent permanent resident to Canada from Mexico I found the driving regulations much stricter than my home country. Two years ago I took my road driving test but failed. I had to get my license so I contacted Barry Crozier’s driving school.  Since I had years of driving experience, albeit in another country, Mr. Crozier thought the best option for me would be private lessons. After only 3 driving lessons Mr. Crozier felt that I was ready for the road test. He made all the arrangements with Access Nova Scotia after I had my test receipt. On the day of the test I had my last hour of instruction immediately before my test. I passed the test, and the examiner told me that I received a very good score.

Thank you Mr. Crozier for your exemplary instructions and professional service. I’d definitely recommend this business to others.

Sandra Rebeca Flores Huitron.