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To our valued clients – both present and future:

Please know that we are thinking of ways to provide you with a type of service that will absolutely speed up the process for your son or daughter to obtain their license.  Among these will be weekend back to back sessions and also weekday back to back sessions (if school does not resume).  This will allow those students already involved in the classroom sessions to finish very quickly and new students to complete the in-class component in at least half the time.

Please also be assured that we have three full time driver instructors who are willing and expecting to work overtime to get your daughter or son their license as quickly as possible.

We are also looking into a couple of other options and will let you know if we can make them happen.

We thank you for your patience and please do call if you have any questions.

Be safe.

Barry Crozier

Crozier’s Defensive Driving School started in 2002 when Advanced Driving Concepts, whom I had worked for, decided to concentrate their efforts towards fleet and corporate clients.  Our staff is diversified, well trained, and committed to providing the best possible service available.  The company’s goal is to provide our clients with the necessary skills to become a mature and competent driver.  Classroom sessions are held in appropriate surroundings conducive to learning and students are required to meet both attendance and knowledge standards.

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